NuTek International, has become the industry leader in Ozone Laundry by developing its patented Ozone Laundry Support System (OLSSTM) technology

Our Ozone Laundry Support System (OLSS) was developed by NuTek as a result of its focus on improving the environmentally harsh conditions of commercial laundries.  The entire OLSS platform is built as a stand alone, non-invasive laundry system that requires minimal installation time and space as well as little ongoing interaction with your laundry staff or management.   Using our advanced ozone technology, our systems are designed to reduce your utility costs, decrease your wash and drying times, reduce your chemical consumption and allow you to effectively clean in 95% COLD WATER!  

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NT- 350 OLSS

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"This system allows us to use less hot water allowing us to shut down 3 hot water heaters (less rewash, less water).  We have also reduced our chemical usage 30%!

All results have OVER delivered on the promises made. Thanks, NuTek!"

Shawn Williams - VP Operations

Guaranteed Savings:

Reduction in natural gas consumption through cold water washing, 95-100%

-  Reduction in water consumption to wash and rinse cycles by as much as 35%

-  Reduction in drying times by as much as 60%

-  Reduction in chemicals, harsh bleaching agents and other cleaning products

Additional Savings and Benefits:

-   Reduced labor costs

-   Reduced chemical costs

-   Increased linen life by as much as 23%

-   Superior guest satisfaction from whiter, softer, cleaner linens

-   Contribute to a better world by dramatically decreasing your carbon footprint


About Us

NuTek International, Inc. has been manufacturing and providing ozone solutions to a variety of commerical applications for over 20 years.  Since its focus toward On Premises Laundry operations, we provide hotels, motels, resorts, spas, cruise ships, prisons, water parks, institutional and healthcare facilities with our OLSS equipment, based on their specific laundry volume.  NuTek not only manufactures its own equipment, we provide installation by Certified NuTek Technicians, diligently investigate your current laundry operations,  project energy savings for each Customer and provide a 5 year Factory Parts & Service Warranty.   We are the only ozone manufacturer to provide 100% accountability, performance and savings as a single source provider of ozone to our customers!